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Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an anniversary to honor mothers and motherhood as well as the influence of mothers in society. This ceremony is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the spring.

The most universal is the contemporary Mother's Day, which was initiated by Anna Marie Jarvis in Grafton City, West Virginia, USA in 1908, to honor the gentle mothers, especially is in the context of a family home. Following the tradition of the United States and most countries in the world today, Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday in May. Some other countries have similar holidays celebrated held on other days of the year.

In ancient Greece, the festival to honor the goddess Cybele (Greek: Κυβέλη Kybele, Κυβήβη Kybebe, Κύβελις Kybelis), the mother of all Greek gods, was celebrated at the time of spring equinox (when the sun closest to the equator). Meanwhile in ancient Rome, people celebrated the Matronialia festival to honor the goddess Juno, queen of the Roman gods, the wife of the god Jupiter. According to custom, mothers in Rome were also given gifts on this day.

In Europe, many countries have a custom to set aside a Sunday on the year to honor gentle mothers, such as the Mothering Sunday in countries where there are many Catholics of Christian branches like the Kingdom. Brother. The Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, also to honor Mary.

Julia Ward Howe's "The Mother's Day Proclamation" is one of the first calls to honor mothers in the United States. Written in 1870, this manifesto was a peaceful response to the ravages of the American Civil War as well as the Franco-Prussian War. This proclamation is based on feminism, with the idea that women are also responsible for shaping society on the political path. Julia Ward Howe intends to set up a holiday called "Mother's Day for Peace", but this movement fades away because of insufficient funding and not moving out of the local area. However, Ms. Howe's ideas have influenced many women in society, such as Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, a teacher at the school of St. Andrew's church in Grafton, West Virginia state.

In the context of the American Civil War, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis gathered other women with the mission of caring for wounded soldiers from both the North and the South. After the war ended, she initiated a movement called Mothers' Work Days, in 1858, along with mothers of warriors from both regions to emphasize social activities. for peace and reconciliation. Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis died in Philadelphia in 1905. At her mother's grave, her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis vowed to follow in the footsteps of her mother and set up a holiday for mothers. as well as passed away.

Two years later, in 1907, Anna Marie Jarvis organized a small ceremony to commemorate her mother. The following year, 1908, she brought 500 carnations to each mother to attend Mass at St. Andrew's Church, which her mother taught in the past. St. Andrew's Church for the first time celebrated a special Sunday Mass to honor the sages of the community. In 1910, West Virginia Governor William E. Glasscock was the first to announce Mother's Day. Ms. Anna Marie continues to fight incessantly to promote this holiday everywhere.

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In 1914, a resolution passed by the US Senate Congress and signed by President Woodrow Wilson officially established Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. wide and has been adopted by other countries and is now held worldwide.

In the United States, Mother's Day remains one of the largest sales days for florist, greeting cards, and long-distance phone calls, and is also the most popular day after Christmas and Easter. Some churchgoers still celebrate the day with carnations, red if their mother is still alive and white if their mother is dead.

The idea of ​​Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) is to create a day to honor each person's own mother, not a celebration for all mothers in the world. She also criticized the commercialization and holiday abuse for commercial purposes; According to her, Mother's Day is an occasion to show love and gratitude, not an opportunity to exploit profits. She also objected to the purchase of ready-made gifts and greeting cards, which she perceived as a sign of too lazy to write a personal letter.

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